Makenzie De Armas

Makenzie is a best-selling DMs Guild author and an online TTRPG content creator, known mostly for her work on various high-profile streaming channels including Encounter Roleplay and Scratticus Academy.  

When she first met Dennis (after soundly beating him in a game of Scrabble), they played a small game of D&D together—a game that ultimately spiraled into an adoring passion for tabletop. One on One is the culmination of this passion; Makenzie not only assists with the world-building for the island setting of Promea, but also produces all the art and social media content for One on One. When not procrastinating on work, she can usually be found either hiding somewhere in Disneyland or buried under a mountain of salty snacks.

You can view more of Makenzie’s work on her portfolio site here.

Dennis Aldea

Dennis began his tabletop adventures with the Pen and Paper Gaming club at Johns Hopkins University in 2017. His very first PC—Adrian Ro—was an evocation wizard and border-line self-insert. Following Adrian’s tumultuous escape from a dark elf slave camp, Adrian became involved in a series of misadventure thorugh the Underdark and is currently stranded in the Feywild.

After running several one-shot adventures together, Dennis and Makenzie agreed to launch One on One together in order to share their minimally-filtered home-brewed campaign with the world.

In addition to designing the world of Promea, Dennis also does all of the audio production and technical work for the One on One podcast. When not brainstorming for the next episode of One on One or studying for the MCATs, Dennis can be found on his bicycle or fiddling around with computer code.