Bree Nightwalker (played by Makenzie De Armas)

The Nightwalker name is not one to be taken lightly. A fearsome syndicate of thieves, mercenaries, and smugglers with few morals and many vices, the Nightwalkers rule the islands of the Promean Archipelago. All members take up the Nightwalker surname as a symbol of loyalty, intimidation, and—for Bree Nightwalker—family.

Bree was born to a couple who had been with the Nightwalkers since the group’s inception. Her mother died in childbirth; her father, unable to leave the organization behind, raised her within the crime syndicate, teaching her how to steal and kill in the Nightwalker name. The pair spent much of Bree’s formative years sailing from island to island and committing foul deeds in the name of the Night King, leader of the Nightwalkers. But nevertheless, Bree’s father would always make time to return to their home in the seedy island city of Los Calaveros—if only for a day—so the two could relax together as a family. He loved Bree, and he wanted to give her the world.

But Bree was always more empathetic than her father would have liked. She began to see the pain and destruction she herself had wrought upon the Archipelago. She started to ask her father why they killed, and she was never fully satisfied with his answers.

These feelings came to a breaking point one day at sea. Her father asked her to kill a small boy—no witnesses, he said.

She refused.

Instead, Bree helped the boy into a lifeboat, fighting off her former friends and even her own father for just long enough to allow the child’s escape. In the end, though, she lost that fight, and her body was tossed into the frothing sea below.

What happens after…

…is a whole new story to tell.