9 | Into the Vault
One on One

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With a new mission in hand, Debs pays a short visit home before traveling to Rumrunner’s Vault, the mysterious nightclub that thrives in the cliffside caves just outside Los Calaveros. But where the Nightwalkers tread, other powers inevitably follow—and one has taken a seeming interest in Debs himself.

Also, there’s a puppy in this one. She’s the goodest girl.

One on One: A D&D Duet Campaign is an actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast through the islands of Promea. Co-hosts Makenzie De Armas and Dennis Aldea alternate between the player’s seat and the DM’s throne to craft two interwoven stories about trauma, redemption, and the choices we make with the life given to us.

Cover art by Makenzie De Armas.
Theme by Christian Valencia.
Other music by Kevin MacLeod, sourced through Incompetech. License: CC BY.

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