4 | Date Night
One on One

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Bree spends the afternoon with the cute waitress she met at the lodge house. But with the date going so well, how long can Bree keep her past actions hidden? (Also, Bree finally takes a bath, and Makenzie lovingly teases Dennis for his terrible accent work.)

One On One: A D&D Duet Campaign is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual-play podcast set in the Caribbean-inspired world of the Promean Archipelago. Partners Makenzie De Armas and Dennis Aldea—one the player and one the DM—work together to craft a story about courage and second chances. And go on a fair amount of silly tangents along the way.

Cover art by Makenzie De Armas
Theme by Christian Valencia

Twitter: @OneOnOneDND
Instagram: @OneOnOneDND
Website: OneOnOneDND.com

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